Burst of Colors

This indoor area rug features a unique and vibrant abstract splash design. Its bold teal color can add a pop of color and a modern touch to any room.

Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug Photo 1
Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug Photo 2

Rugs with Personality

Demonstrate your charisma with this indoor area rug, which features an intriguing abstract splash pattern. It's a distinctive choice that firmly places your taste out of the ordinary.

Quality and Style

Crafted with high quality materials, this rug is not just attractive but also durable. Its abstract design is plenteous in style, perfect for adding an artistic flair to your home's decoration.

Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug Photo 3
Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug Photo 4

The Contemporary Shimmer

Experience the blend of modern design elements and traditional rug vibes with this abstract splash pattern rug. Its teal color and unique design will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, making it everything but boring.

Key Features

  • contemp or ary
  • no backing
  • polypropylene


Transforming Interiors with a Splash of Abstract Art

This stunning Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug is no ordinary home accessory. It is a work of abstract art that harmoniously combines beauty and functionality. The bold and vibrant hues of teal, interlaced with bursts of white and gray, promise to inject a sense of creativity and energy into any living space. Made from long-lasting materials, not only does this rug promise superior durability but guarantees to make a striking aesthetic statement. Envision your living room or study drawing a wave of appreciative nods, all thanks to this expressive art piece designed to tick every box.

Redefine Comfort with Soft and Luxurious Touch

Experience the pure joy of your bare feet sinking into the luxuriously soft underfoot comfort offered by the Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug. Each rug is impeccably crafted from the high-grade material that ensures a plush and velvety feel. The thoughtfully designed dense pile delivers an incomparable degree of cushioning and warmth, perfect for creating cozy and intimate spaces. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or study, this rug will promote an environment of relaxation, where comfort and beauty coexist effortlessly.

Quality You Can Count On

With the Teal Abstract Splash Indoor Area Rug, you're not just buying a product, but making a long-term investment in style and quality. This exceptional rug proudly boasts of outstanding workmanship, created using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. The durability of the rug is undeniable as it is resistant to common wear and tear, with colors that remain vibrant over time. Plus, this rug is easy to clean and maintain, adding to its longevity. Bringing this rug into your space not only means enhancing its aesthetic appeal but ensuring you enjoy the luxury and splendor it offers for years to come.


Brand homeroots home decor
UPC 4512822913988
SKU 375615
Item Number HO451909164D07P15343
Size 5' x 7'
Color Multicoloured
Weight 12.92 Pounds lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 1" (L) x 90" (W) x 60" (H)

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