Luxurious Wool Comfort

Enrich your lounging experience with the comforting feel of this elegant wool rug. Its ivory tone adds a refreshing feel to your living space.

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Impressive Craftsmanship

Featuring an eye-catching pattern, this rug showcases exceptional craftsmanship. Its intricate design is a testament to the skills of its artisan manufacturers.

Fine Natural Material

Enjoy the durable elegance of a rug made from 100% pure wool. Its natural fibers offer a timeless appeal, coupled with enviable durability for your home.

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Plush Underfoot Feel

This rug enhances your interior with a plush feeling underfoot. Its thick pile offers a luxurious experience, adding an extra layer of comfort to your home.

Key Features

  • cotton backing
  • fl or als & tropicals
  • wool


Premium Ivory Wool Rug: Experience Luxury and Elegance

Transform your living space into a haven of luxury with our premium Ivory Wool Rug. Crafted to perfection, this exquisite piece will enhance the ambiance of any room, effortlessly blending sophistication with comfort. Indulge in the natural elegance of this rug, meticulously handcrafted to elevate your home decor.

Luxurious Comfort Underfoot

Step onto softness like never before. Our Ivory Wool Rug offers an unrivaled level of comfort underfoot, making it a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, or dining area. With a thick pile height, this rug is designed to provide a plush and cozy sensation that will make every step a blissful experience.

Constructed from 100% natural wool fibers, our rug is not only soft but also highly durable. The premium wool material is known for its resilience, ensuring that your rug maintains its beauty and integrity for years to come. Say goodbye to mediocre rugs that quickly wear out and welcome a timeless piece that will withstand the test of time.

Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space with the timeless elegance of our Ivory Wool Rug. The neutral ivory color effortlessly complements any interior style while adding a touch of sophistication. Whether your decor is modern, traditional, or eclectic, this versatile rug will seamlessly integrate into your design scheme.

The subtle texture and intricate woven pattern add a sense of depth and visual interest to your floor. This rug acts as an exquisite centerpiece and can elevate any space from dull to captivating. Impress your guests with a rug that exudes sophistication and adds a luxurious aura to your home.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Investing in quality is a decision you won't regret. Our Ivory Wool Rug is designed to withstand the demands of everyday life. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rug is resistant to fading, shedding, and staining, ensuring it maintains its beauty even in high-traffic areas.

Caring for your rug is hassle-free, thanks to its natural stain-resistant properties. Simply vacuum regularly and spot clean any spills, and your rug will look as good as new. The inherent resistance to dirt and grime makes it an excellent choice for families, pet owners, and anyone seeking a low-maintenance yet stunning flooring option.


Experience the epitome of luxury and elegance with our premium Ivory Wool Rug. Indulge in the comfort of its softness, relish the timeless beauty of its design, and enjoy the durability that will surpass your expectations. Elevate your living space with a rug that not only enhances your decor but also enriches your lifestyle. Add the Ivory Wool Rug to your cart today and embrace the transformation it brings to your home.


Brand homeroots home decor
UPC 4512822919850
SKU 375502
Item Number HO451909437D28P15233
Size 5' x 8'
Color Ivory
Weight 34.00 Pounds lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 0.5" (L) x 99" (W) x 63" (H)

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