Blue Beauty Under Your Feet

Add a touch of elegance and color to your home with this stunning floral area rug. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it's a great way to warm up your space.

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Pretty Practicality

Not only is this rug beautiful with its large floral pattern, but it's also stain-resistant and easy to clean, meeting function with design.

Floral Flair for your Home

A perfect blend of style and durability, this rug is ideal for high-traffic areas while adding a refined touch to your decor.

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Fresh Look for Your Outdoor Space

Liven up your patio or garden area with this rug's vibrant blue hues and eye-catching floral design. It's an instant centerpiece for any outdoor gathering.

High Quality and Durable

This rug is designed to withstand weather and wear, regardless of where you place it. Its dense construction ensures long-lasting beauty and unparalleled outdoor performance.

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Key Features

  • contemporary heavy duty rug suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • super soft and plush to the touch
  • add style to your patio or deck
  • rug pad recommended
  • colors may vary in appearance from sunlight to indoor lighting
  • due to the detailed construction of our rugs, both handmade and machine-made, sizes may vary by up to three inches in width or length.


Bring Elegance to Your Space with the Blue Large Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Revitalize your living space with the mesmerizing beauty of the Blue Large Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. Created with meticulous craftsmanship and designed to perfection, this rug effortlessly combines style, durability, and versatility. Whether you want to spruce up your patio, living room, or any other area in your home, this rug will be the perfect addition to elevate your space.

Unleash the Vibrance of Nature

Step into a world where nature comes alive through the enchanting blue hues and intricate floral patterns of this gorgeous area rug. Inspired by the beauty of blooming flowers in a lush garden, this rug captures the essence of tranquility and serenity. The vibrant colors and delicate details will transport you to a place of peace and relaxation, creating a harmonious atmosphere in any room.

Every inch of this rug is designed to make a statement. The large floral motifs draw the eye and create a focal point that instantly enhances the overall aesthetic of your space. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional interior, this rug effortlessly complements a variety of decor styles, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

A truly versatile piece, this indoor/outdoor rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Place it in your living room to add a touch of luxury or bring it outdoors to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere on your patio or deck. No matter where you choose to display it, this rug will instantly transform your space into a captivating oasis of comfort and beauty.

Superior Quality for Long-Lasting Beauty

Experience a level of quality like no other with the Blue Large Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. Crafted from premium materials, this rug is not only visually stunning but also built to withstand the test of time. The durable construction ensures that it can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a perfect choice for high-activity areas such as your living room or entryway.

The carefully selected materials used in the making of this rug are resistant to fading, stains, and moisture, ensuring its long-lasting beauty. This means you can enjoy the vibrant colors and stunning patterns of this rug for years to come, without worrying about it losing its original allure.

Additionally, the low-pile height offers a comfortable walking surface while still being easy to clean and maintain. Simply vacuum regularly and spot clean with a mild detergent when needed, and your rug will continue to look as stunning as the day you brought it home.

Elevate Your Decor Today

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of style and comfort with the Blue Large Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. Combining exquisite design, superior quality, and unparalleled versatility, this rug is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home.

Unleash the vibrant beauty of nature and let the stunning floral patterns capture your imagination. Revitalize any area of your home, whether indoors or outdoors, and create an ambiance that will leave your guests in awe. Don't settle for ordinary when you can elevate your decor with the extraordinary.

Embrace elegance and create a space that truly reflects your unique personality. Add the Blue Large Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug to your cart now and experience the timeless beauty that it brings to your home.


Brand homeroots home decor
UPC 4512822809267
SKU 384823
Item Number HO451909199D44P18451
Size 7' x 10'
Color Blue and Gray
Weight 25.00 Pounds lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 1" (L) x 120" (W) x 84" (H)

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