Black Ivory Machine Woven Abstract Indoor Runner Rug

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8' Runner
Black and Ivory

Elegant Floor Embellishment

Let your floors speak volumes about your refined taste with this intricately woven rug. The blend of black and ivory tones in an abstract design adds a touch of sophistication to any indoor space.

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Black Ivory Machine Woven Abstract Indoor Runner Rug Photo 2

Stylish Interior Upgrade

Amp up the style and comfort of your home with this machine-woven runner rug. Crafted with an abstract design, its monochromatic hues perfectly complement any decor, making it an exquisite addition to your interiors.

Key Features

  • black & white, textured pattern
  • inherently stain resistant
  • machine-woven high denisty construction
  • machine-woven of 100% polypropylene
  • woven polypropylene backing

Experience the Luxury of Black Ivory Machine-Woven Abstract Indoor Runner Rug

When it comes to transforming your living space into a haven of style and sophistication, every detail counts. And with our Black Ivory Machine-Woven Abstract Indoor Runner Rug, you can effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any room in your home. Crafted with precision and designed to captivate, this stunning rug combines elegance with functionality, making it the perfect addition to your decor.

Unleash Modern Artistry in Your Home

Elevate your home decor to new heights with the mesmerizing abstract design of our Black Ivory Machine-Woven Runner Rug. Its intricate patterns and contrasting colors create a visual masterpiece that effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of any room. Whether you have a contemporary, transitional, or even a minimalist decor theme, this rug effortlessly complements a wide range of styles.

Every line, curve, and contour of this rug has been meticulously woven with utmost precision. The machine-woven construction ensures a consistent quality that will stand the test of time, keeping your space stylish year after year. Made with premium materials, this rug is not only visually enticing but also incredibly soft to the touch.

Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Durability

Step onto the plush surface of our Black Ivory Machine-Woven Runner Rug and let your feet sink into unparalleled comfort. The soft and luxurious fibers caress your feet as you walk, making every step a delight. Whether you place it in your hallway, entryway, or bedroom, this runner rug adds a touch of warmth and coziness to any space.

But comfort is not the only thing this rug offers. Its exceptional durability ensures that it can withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy household. The high-quality materials used in its construction make it resistant to stains, fading, and shedding, ensuring that it remains as beautiful as the day you first laid eyes on it.

An Easy Addition to Your Home Decor

Integrating our Black Ivory Machine-Woven Runner Rug into your home decor is effortless, thanks to its versatile and adaptable nature. The compact size of this runner rug makes it a perfect fit for narrow spaces like hallways and entryways. Its neutral color palette enhances the existing color scheme of any room, allowing it to effortlessly blend in or create a striking contrast.

With this runner rug, you no longer have to compromise on style or functionality. It offers the best of both worlds, creating an inviting atmosphere while also providing a practical solution to protect your floors. Whether you have hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, this rug acts as a barrier, preventing scratches and reducing the noise of foot traffic.

Elevate Your Interior Design with Black Ivory Machine-Woven Runner Rug

Invest in the beauty and functionality of our Black Ivory Machine-Woven Abstract Indoor Runner Rug. With its captivating design, velvety softness, and exceptional durability, this rug becomes more than just an accessory - it becomes a statement of your impeccable style. Transform any space into a sophisticated sanctuary with this exquisite piece.

Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the luxury and charm this rug brings to their homes. Add our Black Ivory Machine-Woven Abstract Indoor Runner Rug to your cart today and unlock the elegance and comfort you deserve.


Brand homeroots home decor
Size 8' Runner
Color Black and Ivory
Weight 10.00 Pounds lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 0.32" (L) x 90.55" (W) x 26.38" (H)
UPC 4512822860855
SKU 388294
Product Code HO45190984D85P20481

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